Multi-Cloud Management With Morpheus Data

Chris Williams attended Cloud Field Day earlier this year, his first event with the Field Day family. At the event he got to hear from Morpheus Data. He was particularly impressed that the company has a set of tools for Devs, Ops, and business use cases, which are specifically designed to be implemented without disrupting existing provisioning/integration/pipeline solutions. He looks at some use cases in this piece.

I’m Going to Cloud Field Day 6!

Chris Williams is at Cloud Field Day this week, and he’s looking forward to drinking from the IT fire hose. He’ll be hearing from eight prominent cloud companies over the next three days, be sure to follow along on our live stream to get all the latest.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Williams – Gestalt IT

We’ve got a number of new faces joining us at Chris Williams. Before you watch the live stream of all the presentations, read this interview from Gestalt IT to get to know one of the new delegates. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event!

Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a Multi-Cloud Consultant for WWT