Rita Younger

Rita has been a network engineer and architect for over 28 years and encourages women and minorities to join her using her personal platform TotalPackets.com.

Bruno Wollmann

Self-employed network architect with over 20 years of experience. I’m always willing to learn, and I like a good challenge. CCDE #20190002. CCIE #19817.

Snehal Patel

Subject matter expert in the field of network engineering.

Chris Grundemann

Creative|Technologist. Curious. Boisterous. Autotelic Autodidact. Heretic. Rider of Boards. Writer of Words. (((Technology, Marketing, & Strategy consultant)))

Marena Karasevich

Network shaman and recovering switch hoarder.

Gian Paolo Boarina

Senior Technical Advisor, CCIE[EI]#38619(10y) experienced in routing, switching, wireless, security and cloud.

Kevin Myers

Kevin is a network architect that consults globally for WISP/Wireline ISPs and large enterprises.

Carl Fugate

Public Cloud Center of Excellence lead for a healthcare software firm

Aaron Conaway

Long-time Network Guy

Matt Haedo

Senior Solutions Architect and blogger with a lifelong passion for all things tech.

Faisal Khan

A networking and virtualization enthusiast.

Shaun Neal

Mobility Architect and Thoughtleader.

Drew Conry-Murray

I’m a tech blogger and podcaster with 17 years’ experience covering IT, networking, security, and more.

Ed Weadon

Network packet herder with 20+ years of beard graying experience

Jordan Martin

Principal Architect at WWT (CCIE# 43772)

Lindsay Hill

Sr Network Engineer

David Varnum

Network and Data Center engineer, architect, consultant and blogger. CCIE DC #45880

Jody Lemoine

Network Greasemonkey, Matrix Anarchitect, Packet Macrame Specialist, Virtual Pneumatic Tube Transport Designer and Connectivity Nerfherder. Independent consultant. CCIE 41436, MTCRE, MTCINE

Scott McDermott

Network consultant and trainer specializing in Wi-Fi and anything else that uses RF. CWNE #299

Nick Buraglio

Network Architect, engineer, researcher, and blogger.