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Ben Young is Head of Cloud Products at Softsource vBridge, a cloud service provider in New Zealand and a Veeam Vanguard.

I specialize in the automation and integration of a broad range of cloud & virtualization technologies such as VMware, Veeam, DellEMC, Fortinet

I then integrate these automations into a multi-tenant self-service portal that customers use on a daily basis to manage their IaaS and PaaS workloads.

I am a developer advocate, always pushing vendors to create a better developer experience (DX) to not only improve development workflow but to also increase uptake of API consumption within vendor products.

I can sometimes be seen speaking at events both local and international.

On a more personal level I enjoy bridging enterprise technology, in particular data sets with other cloud services or AI/ML. I also enjoy building demo environments which often contain custom code or web dashboards to showcase what is possible with technology when data is combined or used with additional services to get your most from it.

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