NGINX Sprint 2.0 Key Takeaways

This post shares the opinions of NGINX Sprint 2.0 delegate, Kati Lehmuskoski. In summary, it contains all of her final takes on the information shared there. Read the piece for more information.

Looking Back at NGINX Sprint 2.0

This post from Nick Janetakis wraps up the takeaways from NGINX Sprint 2.0, which he attended as a delegate. Specifically, it covers some of the final parts of the event, and the technologies presented. Read the piece for more info.

Racing to the Future With NGINX Sprint

The NGINX Sprint 2.0 event is upon us. This post from Tom Hollingsworth details an interview with a representative from NGINX, discussing the proceedings. Read the whole piece and watch its associated video for more info.

F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1, Use Cases, Products and Updates

This post is another of Barry Coombs’ renowned Tech Doodles, covering the events of the F5 NGINX Sprint 2.0. Specifically, this doodle shares Coombs’ observations from the first day of the event. Be sure to see everything he included in the doodle by checking it out here.

Returning to NGINX Sprint 2.0 With Tech Field Day

Don’t miss NGINX Sprint 2.0 next week! This is a free, multi-day event designed to inspire and engage platform operations teams and application infrastructure professionals who are looking to develop and deliver modern applications at scale. Tune in on Monday-Wednesday of next week for the event, including interviews and roundtable discussions with our Field Day delegates! To register, head to!