Tech Field Day Exclusive

Field Day Exclusive events bring our delegates and audience together for an exclusive engagement with a single company. These events can stand alone or they can be part of an existing conference or meeting. Unlike other Field Day events, there is no set format for Exclusives: We fit our format to what works for the company, whether it is a live panel, roundtable, or conventional presentation.

See also classic Field DayField Day Extra, and Field Day Live.

Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018

Date: October 22–24, 2018, Las Vegas
Presenters: NetApp
Delegates: TBD

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

Date: October 9–11, 2018, Nashville
Presenters: Commvault
Delegates: TBD

Tech Field Day Exclusive with Hitachi Vantara

Date: June 26–26, 2018, Boston
Presenters: Hitachi Vantara
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Ben Kepes, Howard Marks, Jeff Burt, Keith Townsend, Liam Rogers, Ray Lucchesi, Stephen Foskett, Tim Crawford, Tim Stammers

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018

Date: June 12–13, 2018, Orlando
Presenters: Aviatrix Systems, Cisco, LiveAction, VIAVI Solutions
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Amy Arnold, Blake Krone, Brandon Mangold, Darrel Clute, Ed Weadon, Eric Stover, Jennifer Huber, Jody Lemoine, Jonathan Davis, Jordan Martin, Kevin Blackburn, Matt Haedo, Rita Younger, Robert Boardman, Ryan Adzima, Sam Clements, Santino Rizzo, Scott McDermott, Stewart Goumans, Teren Bryson

Networking Field Day Exclusive with VMware

Date: April 30–1, 2018, Las Vegas
Presenters: VMware
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Denise Donohue, Ed Horley, Eyvonne Sharp, Jon Klaus, Jordan Martin, Luigi Danakos, Sonia Cuff

Mobility Field Day Extra at Atmosphere 2018

Date: March 26–28, 2018, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba
Delegates: Amy Arnold, Blake Krone, Ethan Banks, Jake Snyder, John Welsh, Jonathan Davis, Keith R. Parsons, Richard McIntosh, Sam Clements

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017

Date: November 6–8, 2017, Washington DC
Presenters: Commvault, Congruity360
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Becky Elliott, Chin-Fah Heoh, Chris Evans, Erik Ableson, Glenn Dekhayser, Greg Knieriemen, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Max Mortillaro, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Storage Developer Conference

Date: September 14–14, 2017, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Dell EMC, SNIA
Delegates: J Metz, John Troyer, Jon Hudson, Leah Schoeb, Rob Markovic, Robert Novak, Stephen Foskett, W. Curtis Preston

Networking Field Day Exclusive with Aruba

Date: August 9–9, 2017, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Aruba
Delegates: Brandon Carroll, Christopher Kusek, David Varnum, Ethan Banks, John Herbert, Kevin Myers

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2017

Date: June 12–14, 2017, San Francisco
Presenters: Pure Storage
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Matthew Leib, Max Mortillaro, Ray Lucchesi

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Atmosphere 2017

Date: February 27–3, 2017, Nashville
Presenters: Aruba
Delegates: Blake Krone, Drew Lentz, Eddie Forero, Joshua Williams, Keith R. Parsons, Ryan Adzima, Sam Clements, Shaun Neal

Tech Field Day at NetApp Insight

Date: September 26–29, 2016, Las Vegas
Presenters: NetApp
Delegates: Adam Bergh, Dave Morera, Ed Morgan, Enrico Signoretti, Glenn Dekhayser, Howard Marks, Jarett Kulm, Roger Lund, Scott D. Lowe, Stephen Foskett, Tim McCarthy

Segment Routing Field Day Roundtable

Date: June 21–21, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cisco
Delegates: Carl Niger, Jason Edelman, Jon Langemak, Larry Smith, Nick Buraglio, Russ White, Terry Slattery

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Intel Cloud Day 2016

Date: March 31–31, 2016, San Francisco
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Chris Wahl, Drew Conry-Murray, Emad Younis, Eric Wright, Howard Marks, James Green, John Obeto, John Welsh, Mark Thiele, Matt Oswalt, Matthew Leib, Ray Lucchesi, Ryan Booth, Tim Crawford, Tom Hollingsworth, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Atmosphere 2016

Date: March 6–10, 2016, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba, HPE
Delegates: Andrew vonNagy, Blake Krone, Eddie Forero, George Stefanick, Keith R. Parsons, Richard McIntosh, Ryan Adzima

Data Field Day Roundtable 1

Date: November 17–17, 2015, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cisco
Delegates: Brandon Carroll, Brandon Mangold, Carl Niger, Chris Evans, Ed Horley, Jason Edelman, John Herbert, Matt Oswalt, Sonia Cuff, Teren Bryson

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Atmosphere 2015

Date: March 2–6, 2015, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba
Delegates: Alex Lewis, Andrew vonNagy, Blake Krone, Craig Schnarrs, George Stefanick, Jake Snyder, Jennifer Huber, Keith R. Parsons, Ryan Adzima

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Milan 2015

Date: January 26–30, 2015, Milan
Presenters: Cisco
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Blake Krone, David Gee, Enrico Signoretti, Hans De Leenheer, Matt Oswalt, Peter Paul Engelen, Sam Clements

SDN Connect Live

Date: September 18–18, 2014, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Meru Networks
Delegates: Alex Lewis, John A. Cook, Jonathan Davis, Ryan Adzima, Teren Bryson

Tech Field Day at Cisco UCS Grand Slam

Date: September 4–4, 2014, New York
Presenters: Cisco Datacenter
Delegates: Chris Wahl, Eric Wright, Jason Edelman, Matthew Norwood, Michael Stump, Pete Welcher, Scott D. Lowe